Pre-owned VS refurbished - is there a difference?

Pre-owned VS refurbished - is there a difference?

It’s easy to mistake one from the other. And while there are similarities, you will soon understand why one of these may be a better option. Read on to find out what these terms mean and what you should be looking out for the next time you shop for devices.

What does pre-owned mean?

In the context of pre-owned phones, this usually means that it was purchased from a previous owner. Aside from a memory wipe, no parts would have been replaced or tampered with. 

What about refurbished?

Refurbished would be similar in the sense that it was bought over from a previous owner, however, parts of the phone would have been replaced. Due to the high cost of original replacement parts, cheap knockoffs are often used.

What is so bad about cheap knockoffs?

As there are plenty of cost cutting measures made to produce these cheaper parts, there is the risk of overheating and malfunctioning. Not only is this a safety risk, the quality of the device is also impacted. 

How can I trust that CompAsia’s devices are not refurbished?

Our pre-owned devices have been certified by technicians and by using a third-party software called Blancco ( to ensure authenticity and functionality. Every device undergoes a 32-step process before we put them up for sale.

Is there a silver lining to refurbished devices?

There are resellers who use original replacement parts resulting in properly functioning refurbished devices. As a smart consumer, always make it a point to ask if the device is refurbished and where are the replacement parts from. 


It is important to understand the difference to ensure that the pre-owned device that you purchase is satisfactory. The pre-owned device market is a sustainable solution, preserving our planet, while also being cost effective. A negative impression will only tarnish the good intention behind extending the life of devices. 

You can shop with confidence knowing that our devices are certified pre-owned, and properly graded to ensure that your pre-owned device experience will make you want to come back again and again! See what’s on sale now at 

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