The moment you get a new phone, you have a few options, you can keep your older phone, pass it to a relative, sell it or trade it in with us. You may be thinking “I could get more money if I sell it myself”, there are very valid reasons why you should be trading in your phone with us instead. Here are 6 solid reasons.

You never have to deal with rejection

Once we have provided a final quotation for the price of your device, we will pay out that amount, no-questions-asked. You can also change your mind after being provided with the final quotation. This saves you the hassle of having to meet up with potential buyers who could choose not to follow through with the purchase. As we accept over 1,500 types of devices in all sorts of conditions, you never have to worry about that happening when trading in with us.


You have more payout options 

When you trade in your device with us or our partners, you can choose how you want to be paid. It could be in the form of cash or even credit with our retail partners. Oftentimes, you’ll find special deals like bonus credit on top of your trade-in device value when you trade in and upgrade your device.

Payout is fast

Upon confirmation and collection of your device, you can expect the payout to be banked into your bank account almost immediately. This is a great way to obtain instant money when you have devices to spare.

You’re doing something good for the planet

When you trade in your unused devices with us, we ensure that it is responsibly handled. Devices that are in good working condition are inspected, sanitised and resold, while devices that can no longer be used have their parts salvaged. This practice reduces the need to manufacture devices while also keeping toxic elements away from landfills. 

Your data is securely handled

Did you know that data can be retrieved even upon a factory reset? Just search online and you’ll learn that this is possible. When you trade in with us however, we wipe your data clean by using a military-grade data erasure system that is internationally recognised as the gold standard. This makes it impossible to retrieve data that has been deleted, keeping you and your data safe.

Whenever, wherever

If you don’t want to leave your house, you could easily trade-in your device by downloading the CAMY app that is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This allows you to conveniently assess the value of your device whenever you feel like it.


The longer you keep your unused devices, the more value it loses overtime. By having a quick and convenient way to trade-in that guarantees a payout saves you time, money and the effort that comes with manually selling your unused tech! Get the CAMY app now to see how easy it is to trade-in your devices. 

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