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With more time at home, it’s important to stay active not just physically but mentally as well. Fortunately you can easily get a whole lot of brain training and learning done with just your phone. With just a few taps, you could be learning a new language, sharpening your mind or more. Here are a few reputable apps to get you started.


If you’re looking for a low commitment way to pick up a new language, Duolingo is the app you need. Choose from over 35 languages to learn through simple and fun mini-games. On top of reading and writing, you can even learn to listen and speak through your phone’s mic, providing you with a well-rounded language learning experience.


How many of us still remember our mathematical formulas from secondary school? If you want to jog your memory or simply solve a complicated math problem, this is the right app for you. It doesn’t just work like a calculator, but it also provides you with the steps to reach your solution. All you need to do is scan the problem with your phone and voila! 


With a wide range of brain training games, Peak personalises and creates daily brain workouts for you. The 45 games that it includes help boost your memory, attention, problem solving skills, mental agility, emotions and more. You can also keep track of your progress as you log in each day for your training. 

Scrabble Go

Learning is always better when friends are involved. Scrabble Go invites you and your friends to challenge your word constructing creativity together. There are also plenty of modes such as Duels, Word Drop, Tumbler and Rush all designed to keep this brain teasing game interesting. 


If you want to streamline the media you consume to purely educational ones, Skillshare, the widely known educational content site is also available as an app. Here you can sharpen your Photoshop skills, learn the ins-and-outs of Adobe Illustrator, or even pick up a new skill such as copywriting or coding. A lot of what you learn on Skillshare can become your side hustle so don’t miss out on this handy app.

Free Books & Audiobooks

While you could get the Kindle, the main setback is that Kindle Unlimited is yet to be available in Malaysia. You could consider Scribd that has a monthly subscription fee of USD 8.99 a month. But if you want free eBooks and audiobooks… you can get the self-explanatory app… Free Books & Audiobooks. The app houses thousands of books which would be a good starter before you decide on committing to a paid digital library app.  

Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain?

You don’t need an internet connection to expand your brain with this app. Tricky Test 2 is filled with witty puzzles that you can play without having to worry about your data draining away. The games are also entertaining and will surely force you to think out of the box. Tackle the challenges by yourself or share the experience with friends. This one is a whole lot of fun with a dash of frustration.


Being stuck at home is no excuse to stop developing your mind. And with your smartphone, the learning never has to end. If you’re looking to upgrade your learning tool a.k.a your smartphone, we’ve got some awesome deals for you right at our e-store. Also, if you’re looking for limited time deals, we’ve started livestream sales! Don’t miss the next Merdeka Meriah livestream event that will be happening on the 27th of August at 6.30PM.

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