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Does the idea of sorting out your recyclables and reducing meat too much of a commitment for you? As you will see, going green doesn’t mean that you have to have a total lifestyle overhaul. On this Earth Day (22 April), consider adopting some of these simple actions you can take to please mother earth. 


No bag? No problem

Forgot to bring your eco bag? Then consider parking closer to where you plan to shop. Most supermarkets allow you to push the shopping cart to your car. Transfer the items to your car, without the need of a bag.


Paperless preferred

With the existence of smartphones, there really is no reason for you to use paper. Many companies are also beginning to adopt a paperless culture, which does our forests a huge favour. 


Switch off

Going green is as easy as flicking off a switch. Nowadays you can even get switches that can be controlled with your smartphone. This allows you to control the energy consumption of your home, wherever you are. Consider one and never worry about leaving your lights on while on vacation.


Work from home

If your boss needs more convincing when it comes to working from home, tell him or her that doing so cuts pollution caused by commuting significantly. 


Bring food or eat out

Bringing food to work in a reusable container reduces the need for single use plastics. You’re also more likely to eat healthier if it’s a home cooked meal. If you didn’t bring food, eat out instead.


Hanky very much

Instead of constantly asking around for tissue paper, carrying around a handkerchief can significantly reduce your tissue use. 



If you’ve got unused devices lying around the house, it really pays to trade it in. With InstaCash, you don’t even need to leave your house. Just download the app and your devices will be collected within 48 hours. You’ll also get paid upon device collection!


Buy second-hand

When you buy second-hand devices, not only are you saving money, you are keeping a phone away from the landfill, you are also reducing the need to manufacture a phone. And if you buy it from shop.compasia, you can rest assured that it’s a quality device that is as good as new. 



As you can see, going green doesn’t have to be a great hassle. Do your part for our planet and check out what great original second-hand devices we have in store now!

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