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When you think about Valentine’s day, do you picture yourself on a fancy night out, or would you rather splurge on Grab food and play games at home with your other half?

If the latter sounds more ideal to you, here are some two player games you can download for free to help you save even more this Valentine’s. 

Tic Tac Toe Lite

Almost everyone knows how a tic tac toe game works and you could easily bond (or have your first fight…) via this game. The app is straightforward, every time you log in you can choose to play with a partner or computer. There are four board sizes to choose from, 3x3, 6x6, 9x9 and 11x11. Choose the bigger boards if you’re looking for a challenge. 

What we like: Simplicity of the app.

What we don’t like: Ads! Beware of the one-minute long ads every time you finish a game. It can be annoying especially if you’re in the mood for a rematch.


Is your better half a nerd a fan of trivia? Then the both of you can consider getting Psych!. It’s like a game show for your phones. Choose from a variety of categories such as ‘Acronyms’, ‘Search History’ and ‘Caption This’ and once you’ve decided on the category, you’ll be given a secret code. Just input the code for your own little game room. This game is also perfect for small groups (of single people).

What we like: This game WILL force you to be creative as you need to make up believably false answers to confuse your partner.

What we don’t like: Not all categories are free and even though two people is the minimal requirement to play this game, it can get boring real quick. Call your friends and arrange for a double date to make this game more fun!


Put your music knowledge to the test with SongPop. It is a song-trivia app that you can enjoy with your partner or a stranger via the app’s random catch-up. You can choose a preferred playlist such as 90’s songs, Today’s Rap and 2000’s Heartbeats and simply enjoy the music with your partner. 

What we like: You get extra points when you answer the fastest and win the game which you can use to unlock more playlists.
What we don’t like: It can get competitive and frustrating especially when you know the song but you can’t remember the song name or singer! 


Here’s another trivia game on our list but hear us out. Kahoot! Is the game you play with your partner when you’re planning to take your relationship to the next level. The summary of the game’s objective is to build a series of questions about your relationship and learn more about one another. Sweeeet.

Tips: To avoid ‘game over’ virtually and in reality, make sure to have an idea of what the answer will be! We only recommend this approach if you’re in a stable and healthy relationship. #FYI, CompAsia shall not be liable for any broken hearts.

Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey is the mobile app version of traditional air hockey. No doubt it’s more fun to play the traditional version but since we’re living in the COVID times, it’s safer to just download the app and enjoy the game virtually. You can choose to play as two players on the same device or team up with your partner and go up against the computer.

What we like: It’s so addictive! You can choose the level of difficulty and customise your puck and paddles.
What we don’t like: The ads ‘fiesta’ and possible compatibility issues if you’ve got big hands and a small phone.

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