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If time flies when you’re having fun, time skyrockets when you’re on TikTok. Created in 2016, the short video platform has taken over the globe despite controversy in the US last year. Malaysians have also come to embrace the animated social media platform, with thousands of new users in recent months with special thanks to the MCO. With that, we will be looking at some of the funniest Malaysian TikTokers as of 2021. So if you’re looking for a good ol’ laugh, read on.


Moses is just your everyday Malaysian “banana” attempting to speak Chinese and getting into trouble. He’s also well known across Singapore for his ability to relate to non-Chinese speaking Chinese folk from every corner of Southeast Asia.



Unapologetic and downright ridiculous, ketiak goreng’s humour is simple yet insightful. Without the need for flashy props or heavy editing, he manages to make viewers LOL especially with his stoic expression.



If you’re looking for advice from a guy in a makeshift tudung, look no further as Aqiel is here to offer you the sassiest, silliest advice on Malaysian TikTok.


For a real female comedian in a tudung, Nicky is a whole lot of fun in a petite little package. Her funniest skits involve her reliving her younger days, playing as her mother and herself. Hilarious!   


Sometimes sweet, often hilarious is Alfred Ong and his family. He often showcases bits and pieces of his life as a Malaysian dad. Also his three sons are adorable and make occasional appearances in his videos. 



Batrisyia looks like someone who could be doing make-up tutorials, but watch her videos and you’ll find yourself ROFL-ing. Those who thought models just stand around looking pretty have yet to follow Batrisyia on TikTok.


With over a million followers Kuah often posts hilarious videos featuring herself and her maid. Aside from comedy, she also shares homecare tips, everything Malaysian aunties could ever want in a TikTok influencer.


Nothing annoys malaysians quite like mispronounced Malay words. If that’s your kind of humour RKM’s collaboration videos with @asapvyom will keep you entertained for hours. @asapvyom does the mispronouncing, @rkmofficial turns them into skits. Prepare to be triggered.



So there you have it, some of Malaysia’s funniest TikTokers to follow. Did we miss any of your favourites? Share your favourite funny TikTokers with us in our comments. And if you’re looking for a better device with more battery life to sustain your TikTok binging, check out our pre-owned devices at oh-so-attractive prices! Just go to

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