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With many Malaysians stuck at home, looking for work may be quite a challenge. This can be especially stressful if you’re in between jobs. The good news is that you live in modern times and solutions may just be an app download away. Don’t worry this is not a scam. The following recommendations require you to put in work. 

The internet is a great place for graphic designers, writers and freelancers to thrive. Even if you are limited in such skills, you can always pick up an online course or just watch YouTube. Soon you will be able to have a comfortable reputation, allowing you to make money online.


Upwork is well-known across the online freelancer community as the job offerings can be pretty lucrative. The platform attracts businesses from around the world so you can expect to be paid in US Dollars. The downside is, getting the right job can be pretty challenging as there are thousands of willing applicants. You’ll find that specific experience gives you an advantage. For example, if you’re a food photographer and the client is a restaurant. Getting the app helps you stay organised and notifies you when new job offers are up. 


Similar to Upwork, Fiverr offers online gigs to freelancers. The main difference is that Fiverr tends to payout less. The app seems more suited for young professionals building their portfolio. This would be great for you if you’re just starting out on online freelancing. As your reputation grows, you can then increase your asking price and probably make a decent buck.

Got a lot of stuff at home? You could always sell it off at Alternatively you could also go shopping on this platform. What’s great about the app is that you can sell just about anything. Of course buyers are not guaranteed and a lot of the risk is borne by the buyer/ seller.


Another way to make money through microtasks is through the GigaGigs app. This app allows you to make a quick buck by taking surveys. It may not be much, but if you spend your time on this app instead of mobile games, you’ll find that ‘sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit’.


Of course this article will not be complete without our very own InstaCash app. InstaCash allows you to sell your phone without having to deal with the need to leave your home. On top of that, you’ll also find great partner deals that allow you to trade your device for more than just cash. Check it out at or look for it on the App store or Google Play store.


While these apps may not make you a fortune, they are great options to keep you afloat while you’re in between jobs or just looking for a side hustle. With that being said, you’ll want a good phone to help you on your possible new career path. Even large production houses are using phones for video recording and photography. If you’re looking to upgrade your creative arsenal, we’re offering some awesome flagship models for less. Check them out at

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