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Every festive season, Malaysian roads and malls are clogged with people. Instead of spending time catching up, hours are spent waiting. Waiting for a table, waiting in traffic, waiting for others to arrive. Well here’s a list of places you can go if you hate to wait. We’ve compiled some not-so-popular but just-as-Instagrammable places where you and your loved ones can gather for a joyous, uncongested CNY!

Tamarind square, Cyberjaya

tamarind square

On the ground level, Tamarind square may seem like a regular mixed development, but step into the upper levels and you will find yourself in a deliberately derelict space with so many Instagrammable spots, you’ll probably forget about dining. The place is also filled with plenty of interesting cafes and restaurants so if you find some time out from your personal photoshoot, you will not be disappointed by the F&B options.

Anjung Floria, Putrajaya

anjung sphere

For a perfect CNY themed photoshoot, Anjung Floria features a beautiful Chinese Garden with a small pond, allowing you to carry out any Chinese Dynasty photography. The entire location also features a huge variety of flora and some interestingly themed architecture. 

Lalaport, Kuala Lumpur


While the rest of Malaysia flocks to Pavilion and KLCC, opt for the newer, Japanese themed mall as they offer FREE parking throughout the Chinese New Year. If you are not already aware, Lalaport features an impressive offering of restaurants and cafes, with one of the biggest cat cafes in Malaysia situated at the upper level.

The Sphere, Bangsar South

the sphere

Situated a stone’s throw away from Midvalley Megamall is the Sphere. While it may not be described as void of patrons, the Sphere houses plenty of fantastic dining options, so you never have to wait too long. Within the vicinity is also Nexus, Bangsar South which also houses more dining options.

Setia City Mall, Shah Alam

setia city mall

For a quaint and comfortable day out, Setia City has everything you would want in a mall without the unflinching human traffic. Parking is ample with lots of things to do and dining options making Setia City Mall a great alternative to the mega malls around Selangor.

Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang

 mitsui outlet

Who doesn’t love a CNY filled with designer brands? At the Mitsui Outlet park you can shop for your favourite designer brands at a discounted price without having to deal with the stresses of central Kuala Lumpur. Aside from fashionable buys, there are also quite a number of dining options that will surely satisfy after a long day of CNY shopping.


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