Single Device At A Time - Compasia's #Whiteflag Campaign

It is a difficult time for many Malaysians. All over the nation, thousands of white flags were raised, a heart wrenching symbol of surrender after having their livelihoods crippled by the constant Movement Control Orders. Through the webapp, you’ll see white flags being raised in almost every neighbourhood. But the web app didn’t only show cries for help, it also showed those who were ready to help. A testament to the selfless nature of Malaysians opening their hearts and their resources to those in need.

This spirit of generosity was the inspiration behind our July Whiteflag campaign. A way for us to make a difference one device at a time. While the sentiment of “one device at a time” has always been skewed to environmental efforts, we felt the need for food and supplies were more pressing.

For the month of July, we partnered with Kembara Kitchen, an independent charity organisation that is busier than ever due to the increased amount of hungry mouths to feed. Kembara Kitchen has worked with many organisations to provide food and even medical assistance to those in need. Their helpful hands reach far beyond Klang Valley with a recent effort at Pulau Perhentian, providing aid to those who were financially impacted and at the mercy of the approaching monsoon season.

To help raise funds for Kembara Kitchen, we pledged a 10 Ringgit donation for every phone we sold throughout the campaign. Buyers also got an additional RM20 off their purchase, making it a win-win for everyone. We further amplified the campaign across social media posts, web banners and even brought it up a number of times during our first ever livestream event. With this we were able to raise a bout of funding used to provide meals for quarantined households. 

We would like to express our thanks to Kembara Kitchen for helping us with the distribution of the funds raised and would encourage any organisation looking to assist those in need to get in touch with Kembara Kitchen. For more details or to contact them, please check out their Facebook page at:

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