Top Binge-worthy Series on Netflix in Malaysia 2021

With the amount of options available on Netflix, it's easy to get lost in the deluge of entertainment. This is especially true when it comes to series as it usually requires quite an investment of time before things pick up. As we know, not everything is worthy of attention so we’ve taken the trouble to shortlist a number of series that are really worth the time of day (and night). This list was compiled exclusively with the Malaysian Netflix in mind, so unless you have a VPN or live elsewhere, there may be great shows not listed here.

Bonding - (18+)

We start the list with binge-watching for beginners as each episode of Bonding is under 20 minutes. Bonding explores the alternative lifestyles of student/ dominatrix Tiff and her gay best friend Pete. Within the short duration of each episode is a barrel of laughs on not-so-everyday topics. 

The Baby-sitters club (13+)

For more youth oriented viewing, we have the feel-good updated version of the popular teen series. Viewers in their 30s will also appreciate bits of nostalgia in this wholesome series. Despite its family-friendly approach, it doesn’t shy away from modern topics that parents would like to have imparted to their offspring.

The Queen’s Gambit (18+)

As if the stunning visual effects, wardrobe and acting is not enough to keep viewers enthralled, The Queen’s Gambit is the kind of series that will make you look at chess in a new light. Viewers will also come to appreciate the brilliant writing and stunning performances the series offers.

Cobra Kai (13+)

Who would’ve guessed what a rich premise for storytelling would be at the other side of the Karate-kid arena. Now in its third season, Cobra Kai brilliantly captures the cheesy teenage rivalry that continues on throughout the entirety of the Karate Kid movies. 

The Haunting of Hill House (18+)

If you can handle the bone-chilling undertones of this series, you’ll also pick up on the superb writing, acting and filmography. Personally, it was a struggle between not wanting nightmares, versus the need to know what happens next.

Sense8 (18+)

The thing about Sense8 is that it doesn’t always make sense. But that’s really part of its imaginative storytelling, diverse characters and visual effects. One can only imagine the amount of work that goes in the post-editing work, but also the vision required to put in place this complex masterpiece.    

Kingdom (18+)

Kingdom is like a rojak of multiple genres, but what a tasty rojak it is. K-drama? Check. Historical? Check. Suspense? Check. Zombies? Check. Everything you could possibly want for an addictive TV series can be found on Kingdom from start to finish.

Archer (18+)

If you like Simpson-ish humour with a more sophisticated animation style. Archer is the way to go. It follows a one-eyed spy who works for his mum. The writing is brilliant, couple that with outstanding animatics and voice-acting and you’ve got a critically acclaimed animated series that spans 11 seasons long.


So there you have it, 8 binge-worthy series in our view. And now that you’ve got some binge-watching to do, are you still watching videos from a tiny old phone? Upgrade your viewing experience by getting the iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy Note 20. We’re giving RM50 off on all phones this Ramadan, so don’t miss out! Shop now at


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