Top Mobile Games in Malaysia 2021

Mobile games have changed the world of smart devices for good. From the memorable Snake game by Nokia, mobile games have evolved beyond recognition. Some may even rival console games with its stunning graphics and gripping storylines. Here are some of the top mobile games in Malaysia as of 2021 in no particular order. 

Genshin Impact  

This game exploded onto the Malaysian scene with players quickly being drawn in by its outstanding visuals and addictive gameplay. There are so many things going for this amazing game; it has gacha elements, an open world you’d want to explore and strategic solo and team play mechanics that just keep you glued to the game.   



PUBG a.k.a. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest games not only in Malaysia but globally as well. It is so addictive that it has been banned in a number of countries. Fortunately for Malaysians, we can still play PUBG without any issues. PUBG in a nutshell is a battle royale style, shooter game that lets you choose a first person or third person perspective. As the game progresses, the map shrinks until one player or team remains. Fans of the Hunger Games would really appreciate the concept of this game.    


Garena Free Fire 

For those looking for an alternative to battle royal style shooters, Garena Free Fire is widely recognised as a close second to PUBG. The game has many similarities in terms of gameplay, customisation and style, although players claim better smoothness even with lower tier devices. For battle royale fans who do not have the luxury of a powerful processor, Garena Free Fire is definitely worth a try. 


Mobile Legends  

Mobile Legends is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA that is widely played across Asia. Fans of games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends can appreciate the simplified gameplay and colourful spectrum of characters to choose from. Games are also shorter, allowing players to get their MOBA fix within 15-25 minutes.  


eFootball PES 

This handheld football experience by Konami simulates the football games you’ll find on consoles. The visuals are impressive enough for you to distinguish the many players available. There are also numerous multiplayer and unlockable features that will keep the everyday football fan engrossed. 


Coin Master 

You’ve probably seen the ads that feature the likes of Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez and Kris Jenner, it is clear that this casual mobile game has a big budget thanks to its massive popularity. Mechanics are simple, you basically spin, win coins and actions, build and defend your village. With hundreds of levels and multiplayer interactions, Coin Master is a whole lot of fun that will leave you wanting more. 



Games are a great way to pass the time and interact with friends. There are games that inspire us to work together with friends and also games that spark heated rivalries. If you’re not playing games with your phone, you’re clearly missing out! Looking for a great phone to improve your gaming experience? The iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S10 are excellent choices. Get them for less at 

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