CPO Device is a certified pre-owned mobile device that has undergone minor repairs. Each
of our CPO Device goes through a 32-Step Test Process to ensure a 100% functionality
before it is sold to you and each CPO Device comes with a 1-month warranty. The aesthetic
appearance of the CPO Device has light scratches on the body and screen that may be
visible from more than 8 inches away.

All test are done via

CompAsia e-Store
CompAsia e-Store
CompAsia e-Store
CompAsia e-Store

*The cosmetic grading only refers to the aesthetic appearance of the product. All our products have been fully tested and are 100% functional.

All devices are guaranteed to have battery health ranging from 80-100%

Devices will be allocated according to stock availability. Therefore, customers currently do not have the option to select devices with specific battery health.

We source our devices globally from various countries. Devices are allocated at random to customers depending on stock availability. Therefore, customers do not have the option to choose sets from specific countries/regions.

Yes. All CPO Device comes with a one (1) month warranty from the date of purchase.

Yes. However, we only provide repair services for CPO Device purchased from CompAsia
within the warranty period.

Yes, you will be receiving one USB cable for each smartphone, tablet and smartwatches purchase. Accessories come without warranty.

All secondhand devices will no longer come with a charging adapter in the box as part of our efforts to achieve our environmental goals.

All devices will be able to function with existing current power adapters that you may have with the compatible USB cable.

We provide a compatible cable with the purchased device.

This cable does not come with a warranty.

All mobile devices will come with a charging cable (except iPads/Galaxy Tablets)

Yes, you can. Simply head to our website at
( to get the quotation of the trade-in value
of your mobile device. If you agree with the quoted value and interested to trade in, please
submit the requested details and follow the instructions to ensure that your mobile device
will be collected.

An email will be sent out to you once the purchased CPO Device is being delivered to you
via our appointed representative. You can check your email which will link to our website
for delivery status of the purchased CPO Device.

Please note: If you do not receive our email confirmation, please look into your SPAM/JUNK mailbox.

We deliver the purchased CPO Device to most places nationwide subject to the area of your
delivery address is within the delivery coverage area of our local courier partners. Please
refer to the schedule below:

Delivery location: Malaysia

Service Request received: 9am – 6pm, Mon -Fri (business days)

Delivery time: Between 7-10 working day

Shipping & Service

We deliver to the whole Malaysia.

It will generally take 1-2 working days from the date of purchase for us to process and ship out your order.

Delivery time will vary depending on the courier service. Most of our customers received their parcel within 2-3 days (West Malaysia) and 3-5 days (East Malaysia).

However, during peak seasons, some delays can be expected.

Please contact our customer support team and provide your invoice or order number to check the status. WhatsApp us at+6010-835 9079 or email

We are really sorry to hear about that. Please provide your invoice or order number so that we can check with the courier service.

Also, we will be arranging for a pick-up for the item to the shipping address you provided to collect the item back. We will ship a replacement device to you as soon as possible.

We’re really sorry to hear about that. Please provide your invoice or order number so that we can check the order.

We apologize for the mistake and we will investigate this.

We will send out the correct device as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we only ship domestically within Malaysia.

An email will be sent once your order has been dispatched.

You can check your email or visit our website to check its status with your registered email account.

Please note: If you do not receive our email confirmation, please look into your SPAM/JUNK mailbox.


â–Ş The warranty covers the following cases:
(i) warranty defect;
(ii) repairing of Registered Device;
(iii) pick-up and delivery services for repairing works, and

â–Ş We warrant the purchased CPO Device against defects in materials and
workmanship under normal use. However, the warranty will be voided if there are
obvious signs of physical damage and/or accidental damage. Cosmetic wear and
tear are not covered as well including any kind of water, liquid or moisture damage.

The Warranty does not cover the following cases:
(i) Battery
(a) the repairing of battery of any iPhone; and
(b) for repairing of any defect or/and deterioration to the battery caused by normal wear
and tear that requires periodic repairs and replacements including in particular,
defect related to battery health.

(ii) Water Resistant Seal
(a) any replacement or repair of the Registered Device for any liquid damage or damage
due to the water/dust resistance seal being broken including but not limited to any
claim made for dust removal; and
(b) upon performing the repair which requires changing of LCD of the Registered
Device, we shall not guarantee that the Registered Device will remain resistant
towards any liquid and dust.

Notwithstanding the parts used for the repair works of the Device, we only guarantee the
functionality of the Device upon the completion of the repair works.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, our liability is only limited to cases that that is
valid and eligible for repairing works under the warranty.

All devices come with a standard 1-month warranty.

You may extend your warranty period to 6 or 12 months by purchasing the Extended Warranty during checkout.

Purchasing an Extended Warranty will extend your warranty period to 6 or 12 months instead of addition on top of the standard 1-month warranty.

Yes, modifying the software by either jailbreaking or rooting or any other similar act of your
CPO Device will void the warranty as this will expose the CPO Device to security risks.

Yes. However, it is subjected to the verification of the issue raised on the CPO Device and
that it is free from situations as mentioned in clause above and still within the warranty

You may inquire / submit a service request by contacting us.

We will repair the hardware defect at no charge. However, in the condition that the CPO
Device is not repairable, we will exchange the CPO Device with another CPO Device of
equivalent value.

The total amount of the repairing works shall not exceed the purchase price of the Registered Device. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of any repairing works, the value of such works shall be deducted from the purchase price of the Registered Device and accumulation of value of all repairing works shall not exceed the purchase price of the Registered Device.

Warranty Inquiries

• The item I received has a defect, what can I do?
• How do I check my remaining warranty period?

Shipping Inquiries

• My shipment has not arrived and it has passed the estimated arrival date. What should I do?

• My shipment is damaged. What can I do?

• I received the wrong item. What can I do?

• I did not receive my shipping number, can I have it?

You can email us at between 9 am and 6pm, from Monday to
Friday ( excluding state and national public holidays )
Please provide us with the below stated information
â–Ş Full Name
â–Ş Contact Number
â–Ş Purchase Date
â–Ş Make and Model
â–Ş P.O Number / IMEI Number

Replace Plus

Replace Plus Plan is an after-sales service for 1-1 device swap program offered to customers that have purchased our CPO Devices which allows you to swap your device for any reason.

Alternatively, click here to find out how Replace Plus works!

You may inquire / submit a service request by contacting us.

6-month Service Tenure entitled 1 time Swap Request

12-month Service Tenure entitled 1 time Swap Request

You can opt for a 6 months or 12 months subscription plan, the subscriptions fees to be paid in lump sum  upon enrolment.

Upon your request for a replacement, there will be an applicable service request fee payable at the time of the service request, which is based on the retail price of your mobile device.

The payment is payable directly to CompAsia, the Replace Plus service provider.

Program & service fee can be found here.

Yes, duration of the contract period, which is either a 6-month or 12-month term.

T1 Device | Service Request Fee RM60

T2 Device | Service Request Fee RM120

T3 Device | Service Request Fee RM200

T4 Device | Service Request Fee RM270

T5 Device | Service Request Fee RM350

T6 Device | Service Request Fee RM420

T7 Device | Service Request Fee RM500

T8 Device | Service Request Fee RM570

T9 Device | Service Request Fee RM650

T10 Device | Service Request Fee RM720

T11 Device | Service Request Fee RM800

You can enroll for Replace Plus Plan upon purchasing CompAsia’s CPO Device here on

There is no hidden cost.

All costs of subscriptions fee and service request fee are clearly stated in Replace Plus registration form/addendum and Customer’s Terms and Conditions.

This  Replace Plus Plan is offered to all Malaysian citizens above 18 years old  who purchased a CPO Device from CompAsia E-Commerce website.

Warranty programs typically cover manufacturers’ defects only. Replace Plus allows you to replace your CPO Device for any reason locally.

PayLater by Grab

PayLater Instalments is a payment method for you to spread your online shopping bill into 4 interest-free monthly instalments.

Your monthly instalments will be deducted automatically from your GrabPay balance or a linked card. Once you've activated PayLater, you'll be entitled to both PayLater Instalments and Postpaid.

PayLater is a free service with no upfront fees charged or any interest accrued.

The only fee that may be incurred is the admin fee to reactivate your suspended account. Your PayLater account may be suspended if you have an overdue PayLater bill and you do not make any payments after being notified by us.

To be eligible for PayLater, please check that you’ve met all of the following criteria:

- You’ve been an existing Grab user for at least 6 months

- You’re aged 21 years or over

- Your account has beenfully verified

- You’re a Platinum, Gold, or Silver GrabRewards tier member

- Your Grab app has been updated to the latest version. To update your Android app tap here, or update your iOS app here.

Via your Grab app, tap on the Finance tab and select the PayLater icon. Follow the prompts to set up PayLater. 

If you don’t see the PayLater option, it means you’ve not met the eligibility criteria above and we’re unable to offer this service to you just yet. We are currently working hard to make the feature available to all users. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Yes, you can earn up to 3 GrabRewards points per RM1 spent for every PayLater transaction (both Postpaid and Instalments). You can also find out how many GrabRewards points you’ll earn for your purchase in the checkout flow.

There is no minimum spending to use PayLater and the maximum spending is capped at RM4,000.

Grab do not currently disclose your PayLater history to any credit bureaus or financial institutions and your activity on Paylater will not affect your externall credit or credit score.

Find a comprehensive library of help articles in Grab's Help Center.

Customer support

WhatsApp us at +6010-835 9079

Further enquiries

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