Debit card 0% instalment with Grab PayLater

GrabPay wallet | Debit card | Credit card

Pay in full next month

  • Buy now, pay next month
  • Earn GrabRewards
  • 0% interest, no hidden fees

Split into 4 months

  • Spread your payment into 4 months instalment
  • 0% interest, no hidden fees

How to pay with PayLater by Grab

Step 1

Tap on “Grab” and complete your order

Step 2

Enter Grab and register your mobile no.

Step 3

Enter SMS OTP that sent to your registered mobile no.

Step 4

Confirm payment method and double-check total amount

Step 5

Payment made successfully

PayLater by Grab

PayLater Instalments is a payment method for you to spread your online shopping bill into 4 interest-free monthly instalments.

Your monthly instalments will be deducted automatically from your GrabPay balance or a linked card. Once you've activated PayLater, you'll be entitled to both PayLater Instalments and Postpaid.

PayLater is a free service with no upfront fees charged or any interest accrued.

The only fee that may be incurred is the admin fee to reactivate your suspended account. Your PayLater account may be suspended if you have an overdue PayLater bill and you do not make any payments after being notified by us.

To be eligible for PayLater, please check that you’ve met all of the following criteria:

- You’ve been an existing Grab user for at least 6 months

- You’re aged 21 years or over

- Your account has beenfully verified

- You’re a Platinum, Gold, or Silver GrabRewards tier member

- Your Grab app has been updated to the latest version. To update your Android app tap here, or update your iOS app here.

Via your Grab app, tap on the Finance tab and select the PayLater icon. Follow the prompts to set up PayLater. 

If you don’t see the PayLater option, it means you’ve not met the eligibility criteria above and we’re unable to offer this service to you just yet. We are currently working hard to make the feature available to all users. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Yes, you can earn up to 3 GrabRewards points per RM1 spent for every PayLater transaction (both Postpaid and Instalments). You can also find out how many GrabRewards points you’ll earn for your purchase in the checkout flow.

There is no minimum spending to use PayLater and the maximum spending is capped at RM4,000.

Grab do not currently disclose your PayLater history to any credit bureaus or financial institutions and your activity on Paylater will not affect your externall credit or credit score.

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