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The New Year is here! And with the start of every year comes new year resolutions.  Achieving your goals can be tricky. Which is why having a to-do list can help keep you on track. Studies suggest that by putting down your goals on paper, you’ll be likelier to achieve them. Because we live in modern times, let’s give trees a break and put down our goals on digital to do lists instead.

Check out these 5 free to-do list apps that will help keep your eyes on the prize: 

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a to-do list that integrates with your Google account. You can access it through the Gmail sidebar or simply download the app. As a member of the Google ecosystem, it seamlessly syncs with your Google calendar and related Google apps. You could easily pin emails as tasks to keep you on top of your work. 

What we like: Google integration! The simplicity of Google Drive has got the tech generation hooked on Google. The seamless integration across desktop to smartphone just makes this the go to app for most Android users looking for something functional and simple. 

What we don’t like: No option to rank items according to priority.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is very similar to Google Tasks as it is fully integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem. You will be able to sync your tasks across your Outlook account in both phone, tablet and desktop. Those looking for a more professional oriented to-do list app would find this a great choice.

What we like: This app allows users to upload images and files on each task.
What we don’t like: You can only add a star to a task to indicate that it’s important but no proper priority ranking system.


Are you a gamer? Then Habitica is designed for you! Imagine a to-do list that is in the form of a game. You’ll have a character or avatar and to advance you need to complete your to-dos and if you fail, your character (pun intended) will suffer. You can also choose to play with or compete with others. The secret to winning? Complete your to-dos! 

What we like: The fact that it's a game! Your to-dos won’t feel like chores anymore. 

What we don’t like: The app is not user-friendly and it’ll take some time to understand all the features.


Not all to-dos are created equal, which is what makes the Todoist app such a great one. This app has a template feature where you can choose the type of task you’re working on and provide you with a comprehensive checklist on how to complete it. For example, you want to write a novel but are not sure where to start? The template will provide a to-do list on how to write a novel.

What we like: You can collaborate with others provided that they have a Todoist account,  you can assign tasks to each other, leave comments and share files. 

What we don’t like: Once you mark your to-dos done, you cannot retrieve it. It's not that important but wouldn’t it be nice to track your achievements? 


Any.do interface is a perfect to-do list app for minimalists. It’s simple yet very comprehensive: allowing you to add notes, attachments, sort if your tasks are personal or work-related and set a reminder. The app also syncs across various operating systems, making it a great choice for hybrid Apple and Android users. 

What we like: Any.do is clean, flexible and easy to use. It also comes with cool features that help with task accomplishment.

What we don’t like: A premium version. As a completionist, having the incomplete version of any.do feels like having a pebble in your shoe. 


Having a good to-do list app can help you stay motivated to achieve your goals. These apps are available for download on tablets and smartphones. If you're looking to upgrade your device and amplify your productivity for the year ahead, shop for one at shop.compasia.com. May you achieve all your goals this year!

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