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The MagSafe system is one that is simple yet functional, providing lots of utility and versatility to users. Even non iPhone users can appreciate what the MagSafe system can offer. Who wouldn’t want effortless mounting, charging and access to an ever growing list of accessories? In this article we will explore some of our favourite MagSafe compatible accessories, including one that makes your Android phone, MagSafe ready.

Ringke Adhesive MagSafe Ring

If you’re an Android user, this accessory will allow your device to work with most MagSafe accessories. If your phone has wireless charging, you may also be able to use the MagSafe charging puck with your device. Along with this magnetic ring from Ringke is an application guide that will ensure that the placement of your MagSafe ring is perfectly centred.

Pop Socket and Pop Wallet + for MagSafe 

Pop Sockets offer high quality phone grips that come in various styles. Despite its function, adhesive Pop Sockets always felt somewhat permanent. That is until the introduction of the MagSafe Pop Sockets and Pop Wallet series. There really is nothing quite like holding your phone with a Pop Socket and the feeling is quite addictive. The advantage is now you can mount and dismount your Pop Socket with ease.

Anker MagSafe Power Bank

Don’t you hate it when you have to keep your phone connected to a cable as it charges? This is quite a hindrance when gaming or watching videos. With a MagSafe power bank, you can freely handle your phone as it charges. We recommend the Anker 633 or 622 that allows you to prop up your device as it charges.

PROfezzion MagSafe Car Phone Mount

The great thing about having a MagSafe compatible car mount is how convenient it is. No need for fidgeting just snap it to your mount and you’re ready to drive. For an affordable and reliable MagSafe car mount we recommend the PROfezzion branded ones that are available on Shoppee and Lazada. At very reasonable prices that offer a variety of mounting options with magnets that are strong enough to keep your device mounted even on bumpy roads.

Pelican MagSafe Wallet

When going out, you always need to remember 3 things: keys, phone and wallet. But what if your wallet is stuck to your phone? Having your wallet stuck to your phone can also be an advantage as now you can “call your wallet” if you happen to lose it. Our favourite is the Pelican MagSafe wallet that can be purchased via Amazon as it offers a secure clasp and the ability to store notes.

Doomhot MagSafe Multi Device Charger

While we do love the official MagSafe Duo Charger from Apple, there are more affordable alternatives available. These multi-device chargers are great for keeping your devices in one place, while keeping them charged and ready. Check out the one from Doomhot on Lazada that offers a trio wireless charging pad for about RM90-100.

STM MagPod

The STM MagPod allows you to mount your smartphone and use it for steady photo and videography. The legs of the device can be tucked in, turning it into a mini selfie stick. The compact size also makes it less embarrassing when compared to those broomstick-like selfie sticks that are impossible to ignore.


It is rumoured that Androids will soon have its own built-in MagSafe systems. This leaves room for plenty of new possibilities. Until then, you can get an iPhone 12 or newer or an Android with wireless charging to enjoy these awesome possibilities. Get good-as-new devices for less at shop.compasia now!

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